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Global Team Members


Calvin Thong

fumi 3.png

Arasawa Fumihiro


Dai Oshima


Daisuke Kobayashi

Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CBO



Founder of xWIN Group and Head of IT Dept. An IT engineer, blockchain, and fund management expert from the leading financial institution BlackRock.

Co-founder and GM of xWIN Group. Former consultant of a major consulting company, specializing in growth investment for people and organizations.

xWIN AM Japan business manager, responsible for xWIN Group marketing.  

Former experience at a major manufacturer in business with United States, Switzerland, etc.

Kobayashi (KB) is a former hedge fund manager and a financial market expert from  Deutsche Bank, Monex, Tokyo Financial Exchange, and major crypto asset exchanges.


Mahamoud Dante


Thong Kooi Pin


Hidetoshi Kishimoto

CEO of Dante Corporation President of xWIN Academy and LIC Co., Ltd. (founded in 1/2023). Expert in European and African business strategies and Human Elements at a major consulting firm,

xWIN Group Malaysia Manager, President of xWIN TECH. A Malaysian certified public accountant, extensive experience in listing and blockchain business expert.

xWIN Group Southeast Asia Area Manager with nearly 20 years experience at a major automaker in T1, specializing in business development in Southeast Asia.


Bungo Saito 



Hidehiko Nakagawa

Legendary investor and a true businessman who has developed many businesses.

He started investing in xWIN Group in 2021 and joined as a Board Member of each group company; chairman of xWIN Academy, His slogan is "doing interesting businesses" and "nuclear fusion".

A businessman, investor, and popular author. He moved to Vietnam in 2006 due to his passion for Vietnam and became the first Japanese to establish a vocational school in Vietnam. He joined xWIN project as an advisor from 2021. He also serves as a special advisor at xWIN Academy.

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