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Welcome to the World of Blockchain Adventure

xWIN Group provides consulting and training services, as well as system development and operational support based on our experience and achievements in our global business activities.

Consulting/training services

  • Global strategy planning and execution (centered on Southeast Asia)

  • Organizational development and global HRM

  • Management human resource development (global leadership, next-generation executives, etc.)

  • Blockchain human resource development (programming, smart contract development, etc.)

  • Financial human resources development (next-generation asset management, etc.)

  • New project planning and strategy planning

  • Funding support, etc.

Support System Development and Operation for Blockchain

  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

  • Issue your own token

  • NFT platform

  • Community development with governance tokens

  • Payment related systems, etc.


Field and achievements

xWIN Co., Ltd. utilizes the technology and know-how cultivated within the group to provide support in global strategy planning, organizational development, and human resource development. We have many achievements in areas such as consulting and blockchain-based system development and operation.


Global Strategy
Planning and Execution

We provide a wide range of support for overseas expansion, from corporate establishment to business development, by our global team members based in South East Asia. 


Global Human Resource Development

Based on our experience in business activities mainly in Japan and South East Asia, we provide optimization and development support for HR and organizations.


Blockchain Human Resource Development

We develop human resources who can develop and operate blockchain systems within our company and other companies. We carry out OJT/OFFJT programs for 6 months to 1 year.


DeFi Platform Development

We develop and operate the xWIN.Finance platform in-house, which is attracting attention around the world. Currently we are collaborating with many projects globally as a DAO.


NFT/STO Platform Development

At xWIN Group, we developed and released an NFT/STO platform based on our own know-how. We are considering further utilization and horizontal expansion in the future.


Business Consulting

We provide ongoing support to Japan's leading blockchain companies, domestic crypto asset exchanges in sales, financing, organizational optimization, listing support, etc.

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Solutions and strengths


Global strategy planning and execution
(mainly in SEA region)

We support the planning and execution of business strategies targeting a wide range of regions around the world, mainly in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore), but also in Croatia and the Republic of Mali. Specific steps include market research, competitive analysis, strategy formulation, execution plan creation, resource allocation, market launch, sales strategy development, SNS marketing support, etc., flexibly according to customer situations and requests. We can also localize and build partnerships to suit local laws, culture, and customs.

Consulting / Training Services


(Decentralized Finance)

The DeFi platform that xWIN develops and operates in-house uses smart contracts to provide WEB3.0 asset management services. Its xWIN.Finance platform allows the generation of portfolios that combine lending, staking, native tokens, and more. At xWIN, we provide contract system development and operational support based on blockchain technology.

Support System Development and Operation for Blockchain

Community and
business partners


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