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How to buy xBTC-O

Hello everyone! In this post, We would like to introduce “How to buy xBTC-O”.

This is a strategy to allow investors to stake in their assets so that the assets stake would return an interest. It is more benefitial if you are holding xBTC-O than BTC(BEP20) because xBTC-O token gains interest through lending protocol in venus. Investor can combine both similar single asset in different allocation weight to achieve optimal returns from lending.

How to buy xBTC-O

Open and click on “Launch App”.

Connect the wallet and click on “Lending”.

Click “xBTC-O”.

Click “Deposit”.

Enter the amount and click “Approve” to complete. (First time only; click Deposit the second time and thereafter.)

How to withdraw xBTC-O

Click on “REDEEM.”

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “WITHDRAW” to complete.

Let’s enjoy blockchain using!

In Telegram community, information about xWIN group is available. If you have any chats or questions, please feel free to visit us!

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