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Recap of the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, October 15–18, 2023

xWIN.Finance and JPYC took the liberty of participating in the Future Blockchain Summit (Dubai) on October 15–18, 2023. We hope to make our presence known to the world little by little. It has been a great experience and result. Below is a recap. Participants were Calvin (founder), Fumi (co-founder), and Wei

■Quantitative 1.Flyers prodive over 400 2.Contacts 105件 Indivusial Investor 20 IT Vendor 16 Marketing Agency 15 Projects 12 VC 7 Market Making 5 Real Estate 4 Startup 3 Lawfirm 3 Fund 3 Other 17

■Main points

1. Uniqueness of the xWIN.Finance platform.

We received high praise from many people regarding the protocol. The reasons were: 1) it is a DeFi that cannot be found anywhere else, 2) it is easy to use as it tries to incorporate blockchain technology into traditional finance, and 3) the hedge fund model is easy to understand and use. We felt that this uniqueness should be used as a strength to create an easy-to-understand UI and UX.

2. Continue these activities steadily to increase the number of users.

In order to increase the number of users, it is necessary to continue such exposure on a regular basis. One influencer told me, “I saw this frog in Singapore TOKEN2049. We need to continue daily sales activities and exposure at lectures, expos, etc. as appropriate.

3. Importance of working with partners

In order to promote xWIN, it is important to continue current activities (daily sales and marketing activities). In addition, the next step is to bring xWIN to the point where it can be used in many concrete ways. To do this, it is also necessary to work with the appropriate partners to move forward. We were able to find a variety of possibilities, including wallet companies, insurance companies, marketing companies, financial advisors, and others. This was a major accomplishment of this project.

4. There is a possibility to set up a traditional finance scheme with DeFi in Dubai.

We were able to talk with a lawyer, and it looks like we can set up a scheme to sell out DeFi. One of the reasons why we have not been able to sell out our products is the legal aspect. If we can solve this problem in Dubai, we can expand our business elsewhere. We would like to work with an appropriate law firm to discuss this.

5. It will take time to achieve overwhelming market penetration, but we will proceed in an agile manner, taking into account the timing.

It will take some time before the overwhelming spread of the system. However, there is no doubt that blockchain will become a commodity at some point. We will steadily build ground and experience before that timing. There is a lot to be said for not giving up and keeping at it for the long haul. As a model for our startups, we will make the management of both wheels our strength. On the right hand side is xWIN.Finance for the medium to long term, and on the left hand side is the xWIN Group for the short term.

6. Thanks to Toppy, he is awesome!

Following the last expo in Singapore, the appreciation for Toppy was high. Many said he was cute, once you see him, you will never forget him, and they wanted novelties such as bags and pens. Some said that he might not fit in the world of finance, but we felt once again that he has created a great character set. We hope that Toppy will continue to do well.

7. Finally, the awesomeness of the James Group

Once again, I felt the awesomeness of the James Group. The James Group, led by Mr. James and Mr. Naka, always amazes me. Did such an investment exist in Japan? What kind of group is it? I was often asked. The existence of the group companies must be significant. In this case, we have been actively introducing JPYC to the public and promoting the presence of stable coins in Japan. I would like to hear the synergy of the entire group and spread Omoroi throughout the world.

Once again, the Future Blockchain Summit was a very good opportunity.

Once again, the Future Blockchain Summit was a very good opportunity.

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