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Results of NilssonHedge’s Crypto Index

Nilsson Hedge

NilssonHedge is one of the world’s leading research firms specializing in hedge funds. They also provide a crypto asset index. This crypto asset index is based on information from fund managers registered in the database as of the end of the previous year. There are no minimum requirements for track records or assets under management (AUM) for this subset.

The index is unweighted and represents an eclectic mix of different strategies. It currently aims to earn returns from various assets related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Defi.

The purpose of the index is to provide a broad overview of the returns available to crypto hedge fund allocators. With more than 400 managers included, this is one of the broadest crypto hedge fund indexes available to investors.In October and November of 2023, the index achieved performance of over 15%, showing overall strong results.

About NilssonHedge:

NilssonHedge is operated by Linus Nilsson, an experienced allocator who has spent about twenty years investing in hedge funds, both privately and for institutions. He has also been involved in operating systematic strategies as a startup, as well as the CIO of a smaller European CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor).”


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